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IPEC/SpeedFam 676 Tungsten CMP (S/N: 676-3025)

Currently Configured for 200mm Wafers
Original Ship Date: 1996
Previously Used for Tungsten Polish
676 Mainframe with Operator Interface Monitor
System Computers SysCon(1), Polish Heads(4), Endpoint (1), C2C(1)
Advantgaard 676 3.0 rev S System Software
Brookside Endpoint Detection System with Configurable Algorithm to Detect Endpoint
4 Mechanical polishing heads with Advanced Pad Motion
3 Systolic Pumps for Slurry or DI Water
High Flow DI Water Rinse Valve Configuration
Upper and Lower Pneumatics Panel
Hoist for Upper Motor and Tower Removal
2 Pad Conditioning Systems
Cassette to Cassette Wafer Handling System
Genmark Gencobot Multi-Axis Robot with Wafer Pickup Paddle
Wet Cassette Assembly with Wafer Sensor Array
Spray Box Assembly
Electrical Cabinet with Computer Control Station