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Axelis/Eaton GSD200 E2 (S/N: 427)

  • NV GSD200E2 90 Kev high current implanter
  • NV GSD injector system enhanced source w/ dual vaporizers
  • Bypass valves and Nitrogen purge
  • Enhanced low energy beamline
  • 80 KeV single extraction
  • Triple indexed mass analysis magnet and p/s
  • Injector flag faraday
  • GSD/HE linear accelerator and final energy magnet system
  • GSD end station w/ four cassette capability
  • Automatic notch alignment capability w/ buffer cassette
  • Integrated dummy wafer fill-in capacity
  • In-air, in-vacuum high throughput wafer handling system
  • Class 1, ULPA filtered wafer handling aree
  • Sun SPARC station
  • Seiko 1000 l/s turbo pump
  • CTI cryo pumps w/fast regen
  • Vintage Jan 1999
  • For 200mm wafer size